Exhibition - Degree Show Collection

​The objective of my degree show collection is to physically engage the wearer and the piece, and to initiate interaction between the wearers.  The work incorporates kinetic elements; encouraging the wearer to toy and interact with the pieces, and comprise of pairs of rings, which work together to reveal their true attraction. 

For this work I was awarded the Assay Master's Award for Excellence in 2009, please click on the link to read the article.

© 2012 Rust & Hall Jewellery Design. All rights reserved.  Photographs by Sam Yardley Photography.

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A Ring for a Girl's Night Out

'A Ring for' Series - comprises of interchangeable circular discs with photo-etched symbols that represent different activities or challenges designed for 'a girl's night out', 'a lady that lunches' and 'a shopaholic'. The rings are intended to be worn by separate individuals; the spinning disc representing the activity to be carried out, and the dice determining how many times, hours, or items to be achieved. This light-hearted series is designed to entertain and bring friends closer together