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97 Days Until Christmas!

I can't believe it's already half way through September, where has the summer gone? It's been a busy 8 months for Rust & Hall with the launch of a new collection and products.

The Geometric Collection has expanded with the arrival of the cube necklaces which have proved really popular with customers.

I have also decided to go down the home décor route with my box frames which I am really proud of. All the pieces within the frame are wearable brooches and can be removed when desired, leaving behind a laser cut imprint with a wallpaper design. The idea behind these was to create 'wearable art' and an innovative way to display your jewellery.

I finally got round to finishing the plaque for my mum and dad's house in France. After finishing their neighbour's ones first about a year ago, they were quite eager to get theirs up!

With the run up to Christmas (97 days to go by the way!) Rust & Hall has quite a few events planned and has joined the ranks of Made in Colchester as a Core Member. Starting with an exhibition with MiC at Red Lion Books, High Street, Colchester.

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