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Where did 2018 go?!

I can't believe 2018 is done! Where did all that time go?! Rust & Hall was super busy over the festive period attending 4 craft fairs in the local area; trialing some different locations including Leigh-on-Sea and Shenfield, and revisiting an old favourite at Colchester Arts Centre with the Made in Colchester team. Luckily the summer preparations meant that the stalls were fully stocked with lots of new and exciting pieces. It was lovely to meet some new local artists and makers, and to be able to show appreciation and support for each other's work.

Instagram has also kept me busy with Christmas orders and commissions; the support from followers has been great. I was also able to be part of the Made in Essex postcard sale raising money for Netpark Wellbeing; a charity that provides art classes for people living with dementia.

January 2019 marks the launch of the new Menagerie Collection which comprises of a wide assortment of pieces including framed artwork and 'wearable art' as well as iconic retro pieces, delicate insect brooches and prehistoric dinosaurs. I am always keen to make new pieces so look forward to any recommendations the public may have; I am always open to new suggestions, and keen to develop more homeware/artwork.

A very Happy New Year from Rust & Hall, I wonder where 2019 will take us?

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