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Writer's Block?

I wish I could use the above as an excuse but I'm not really sure what's happened since my last post! Well, I can definitely say I've been busy, just not with updating my blog!

So Christmas 2019 came and went, I tried a couple of different fairs in the local area, some with more success than others. However, the lovely people of Colchester really made up for it at the Made in Colchester Christmas Fair, this time hosted at a different venue, Colchester Makerspace, which proved highly successful.

Christmas also brought the lovely news that my husband and I would be expecting the birth of our second baby, who was born in August 2020.

Busy with work and the forever changing circumstances that Covid - 19 brought there was little action for Rust & Hall between the New Year and Summer, apart from the fact I was growing a little human and getting increasingly larger!

Made in Colchester launched it's first Online Summer Fair and I was able to experiment with some new pieces; mainly adding to and expanding the Animal Print Collection, which has been hugely popular, but also had fun producing some new brooches inspired by medals.

Now on maternity leave, I am continuing to make. It is uncertain whether any of the Christmas Fairs I have signed up for will go ahead over the next couple of months but online sales through Etsy are keeping me going, and the love for my work through social media is keeping me motivated. Thank you to all of those who have shown their support.

Until next time, stay safe.

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